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Damn, I'm scary. ^^
Which Dark Force Of Nature Are You?

- Copy and paste, entitle it what you are and you might be more than one
- Read and fill in the parentheses with an x to which describes you best
- There are 10 questions each so look for what you rate the most
- If you could be so polite to send a link I am curious to see your results

You love the darkness, it is your sanctuary. Where most people are blind you have perfect sight. You use it to your advantage to prey upon those for personal reasons. You are silent, scary as hell, maybe even lethal, or perhaps you're just misunderstood, either way you are the movements in darkness.
() You are a good predator, maybe even the perfect one
() You like ninjas, no one ever sees them coming
(x) You like vampires, they are more dangerous in the dark
(x) You have always been the outcast
(x) You are the silent type
(x) Your senses are highly intact, especially your eyes
(x) Darkness is your sanctuary
(x) You feel or are misunderstood
(x) People are scared or weary of you
(x) You are the night

You are not bound by rules or laws, you always break them. You have no order in your life and you may desire to spread it. You may see it as not a sickness but as a sense of freedom. You are free from rules and you believe everyone desires to be lawless; the rules always make things difficult, you prefer to make your life as easy as possible.
(x) You appear/are unstable
(x) Laws are questionable
(x) Rules are made to be broken
() Anarchy is the only government that makes sense
() Breaking the balance? You shattered it!
() Order is hypocritical, all order does is create chaos
(x) Everything is fragile
(x) I'm the only one you sees the world for what it truly is
() The message will be spread
(x) I'm not insane or disturbed… I am what you wish you could be…

Blood Rage
Your blood boils with rage all the time. The thought of or participation of violence moves your blood cells in an overwhelming rush. You are always angry and you cannot be contained, you have to act on it in the most violent way possible. It is after all your nature.
(x) Rage… so pissed off all the time
() You need violence
() War, the perfect excuse to kill people
() Drenched in blood, it feeds you
() You love it when they fight back, they last a little bit longer
() Take what you need, then kill them all
() You just love to hate
() Others view you as a killer, you see a perfect soldier
() A slight pressure will cause an explosion
(x) Proof of a troubled past, no, you are a force of nature

Blood Lust
A different type of violent behavior, by why is it considered that? You love to hurt people, maybe even find the taste of blood sweet. You get aroused by the pain you inflict, physical or mental. Normal sex acts can't satisfy you, you need violence. But perhaps you're the one who likes the abuse? Oh well, whatever gets you off…
() Pain for pleasure
() I like it when they scream for me
() No woman is pure
(x) No man is strong enough
() Never ask, it is a demand
() I take
() Love it when they fight back
() Drenched in blood is orgasmic and savory
() Love pushing the buttons
() There is no such thing as "NO"

You are a virus; you can taint the very pure around you. Your views become their sight, your beliefs their bible, you make your own brand of justice, you turn friends and family at each other's throats, and all accomplished by the words that slide off your silver tongue.
(x) They're like puppets
(x) Lives are meant to be ruined
() A little poison is actually medicine for the soul
(x) The right thing… how naïve
(x) It's all in the deal
(x) Pathfinder for others for what benefits you
(x) Changing the views, even if you have to arrange it
(x) Offered less and talk to them in giving more
() I am always spreading
(x) My tongue is silver, but it gives me gold

You are a masterpiece to behold or a master of words that could put Shakespeare to shame. Your very aurora is like a drug to others and is drawn in like flies to your web. They come in droves and keep coming back for more, willing to give anything or do anything for you. Do you do it for sexual pleasure, a means to ascend a sort of power, or do you even care for a reason to do so?
(x) I am beautiful
(x) Men worship me
() Women worship me
(x) They hang on my words
(x) They praise me with gifts
(x) They bow to me
() I use my sex to get what I want
() All I want is sex
() I get bored easily I need something new
() I'm so horny

Vengeance at its limitless potential... No one will dare cross you, if they are foolish enough to… You are creative when it comes to payback. You will even wait long periods of time looking for the right opportunity, you are very painstakingly patient. It is always personal, you always remember those who wronged you and how they wronged you… and look forward to savor their pain, making sure they know it is you.
(x) I am patient
(x) Planning down to the last detail, a perfect strategist
(x) Possess a photographic memory
(x) Never forgets personal matters
(x) Revenge is a dish best served cold
(x) Live for vengeance
(x) Killing is not the same as suffering
(x) Always savor every last moment
(x) Remember start out small and work your way up
(x) Remember my face and know I am the last thing you will ever see

Nobodies remain nobodies without it, that's why you want it. You don't just want control, you need it. Maybe you love to show off your wealth, after all it's a demonstration of total power, your power, and how much of it you possess. You are the law and what you say, it will be done. No matter what it costs, you will get it. Power is everything, it is all that matters, your one true passion… and besides… it's only business.
(x) Greed is how you get things done
() I am the law
(x) If I see it I take it
() Sacrifices, they don't matter
() I am your destiny, I decide your fate
(x) Riches or favors, anyone can be bought
(x) The snap of my finger, my very words and it is done
(x) I am what you wish to be
(x) I could sell my soul to the devil and get him to pay me double to take it back
(x) You are looking at the only thing to be close to a god/goddess

You are a mystery… in truth no one knows anything about the real you… you are a damn fine performer, skilled with words that swoon everyone, your tales are a fantastic wonder, but a shame they are carefully woven lies. Do you love the attention and glory it brings you or do you wish you were really what you claim since you hate yourself so much?
(x) I am a great writer, a way with words
(x) I love acting, my performance is flawless
(x) When I speak everyone listens
(x) My audience motivates me
(x) There are no bounds to my imagination
(x) I practice, I prepare
(x) I love and loath choices
(x) Many faces, many masks to choose from
(x) Is it a lie if I believe it?
(x) I break the mirror, I despise it
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ave-dottore Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Student
Well, I am wraith, with 7, followed by shadows with 6.
ithaswhatitisnt Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
flameo, hotman, flam-e-o.
ave-dottore Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Student
Whats that supposed to mean? :iconwangfireplz:
ithaswhatitisnt Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Nevermind, just let it go...
ave-dottore Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Student
Otay! :iconsokkaderpplz:
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